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Customer Reviews

These reviews from our awesome customers make us smile and give us the energy boost to go the extra mile!

Dog Sick


Very happy with the customer service and quality of work from Stop, Drop & Clean. They were able to find time for me the very next day, charged a very reasonable price, and did a great job. Due to my dog being sick I had a very, um, specific (and difficult to clean) mess that I requested their services for on my balcony. Derrick was very flexible with me in arranging the service to ensure it would be clean the next day when I got home from work. I requested an hour and a half worth of work including the balcony and anything else they may be able to get done in that time. I arrived home to a sparkling balcony and a very neat and clean apartment. Thank you thank you!

He Saved My House From Burning


Derek is an amazing human. He literally saved my house from burning down with my dog inside. He smelled smoke and heard fire alarms and walked the two blocks to Investigate. My next door neighbors both heard it, but Derek took the time to care. He followed up on a situation that had an enormous impact on my family's life. Before this meeting we didn't know each other but that didn't stop Derek from walking us through the steps needed to cleanup after some major smoke damage. Within minutes of the firemen leaving, in the middle of the night, Derek was there with large industrial fans to air out the place overnight. First thing in the morning he was there with special cleaning products to specifically deal with protein smoke and an ozone generator for the final cleaning step. He did all of this for free. He did it because he said it was the neighborly thing to do. Derek is a guy who can be trusted to do the right thing. Not because anybody's watching, he does it because he's a good guy. I would not think twice about hiring a guy like this who runs his own business. Thanks, Derek!

Generous & Down to Earth


I called SDC to clean an apartment in Bellingham that hadn't been touched in 8 years. I live in Seattle, and from the first minute I got on the phone with Derek (owner), he was awesome. I expressed my concerns regarding the cleanliness of the apartment, as well as my very limited budget. Without question, SDC did an awesome job on the unit, cut me a deal, and remained well within my budget. They also kept me in the loop on all happenings during the time of the cleaning so that I was fully aware of what to expect in terms of the final bill. When they were through, they sent me photos of the unit after it had been all cleaned. To add to all they did, they also donated services to the non-profit I work for. In a nut shell, SDC was generous, down to earth, and great to work with. They've made loyal customers out of me, and I hope to spread the word for them here in Seattle!​

They did an Amazing Job


I scheduled a move-out clean for some friends of mine in Bellingham. Since I live in Portland, I did all the business over the phone with the owner, Derek. On the day of the scheduled cleaning, the crew went to my friends' house and found that there was still a lot of stuff left in the house that would require more time spent (and corresponding money spent) to work around.

Instead of charging me extra, they simply rescheduled to come again with no penalty, for the next day. The day of the actual clean was a long one. It was a little house, but due to pets, kids, and the deep clean needed to meet the landlord's standards, it took 9 hours. The price was incredible for the amount of labor involved, and they did an amazing job. My friends were really happy with the place, and are assured of their rental deposit return. SDC were really conscious of my being an out-of-town customer, and worked their hardest to make the process easy and affordable.