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How to pick your Construction Cleaner

We interviewed Tony Moceri of Moceri Construction to find out what he looks for in a good construction clean-up sub contractor.

"When the home owner comes in, we don't want them to even know that the cleaners have been there. The goal is, they come in and say 'This looks fantastic!'

"Our specialty [at Moceri] is providing Turn-Key services, from the first scoop of dirt in the ground, to getting the home professionally cleaned when we're headed out the door. The house is going to be move in ready. When the owners walk in that house, they don’t KNOW all of the construction mess that has gone on there. We keep the site clean, but there are certain messes that you just HAVE to get a professional cleaner for"

  • Sticky stuff on the mirrors and glass.

  • Dust off the base (trim) a

  • Wiping down, all the walls and surfaces

  • Using the right kind of cleaner on new surfaces

What are the biggest cleaning mistakes homeowners make?

"I've seen homeowner come into their new remodel or construction and use the wrong type of cleaner on paint, granite countertops, or wood floors, and immediately damage the beautiful new space we just built them. It's definitely worth it to get some help from a professional cleaner. I've even seen some homeowners who like the clean feel so much, that they hire the pro-cleaners to keep their house after they've moved back in!

4 things to look for in your construction cleaner sub-contractor

  1. Find a thorough cleaner who is careful not to damage your new paint and trim.

  2. Look for a cleaner who is perceptibly professional.

  3. Look for signs of employee turnover. Companies who keep their staff happy, are more likely to keep you and your clients happy.

  4. Do you like them? Symbiotic business relationships with low drama will make your life 10x better. You can both provide each other referrals if you actually enjoy the team you're hiring!

Our grateful thanks to Tony Moceri of Moceri Construction for this behind the scenes look at how to choose your construction cleaner.

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