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5 ways to keep your employees healthy

I was standing washing my hands in the bathroom, when then guy behind me finished using the urinal, coughed, zipped, and walked right out the door. While he was still in hearing shot I said "Come ON!" There's nothing that makes me more angry than inconsiderate people who don't respect the health of others

You may or may not be a germaphobe, but if you own a business, it's important to take action and keep your employees healthy. According to the CDC Foundation $225.8 billion is lost annually due to worker sickness or injury.

Here's 5 ways to keep your people happy, and healthy!

1. Hand Sanitizer

It's a bit controversial for some who may ask, "are we opening up the option to not wash hands by offering hand sanitizer?" The reality is, during cough and cold season, it's best to offer a product like Purell, which claims to kill %99.99 of germs that cause common illnesses. So get a desktop bottle, or even better, spring for the "touchless" dispenser for you office. Your bottom line, and non-swollen uvula will thank you a few weeks from now. This may be the best $16-$100 you've spent all year.

2. Touchless Door Openers

The first time I saw one of these was at a Krispy Kreme. I was so happy! The internet claims 20%-33% of Americans don't wash their hands after using the restroom. With a modest investment of $100 per door, you can set up your employees to enter and exit without touching their skin to one of the most germ-filled locations in a building: the door knob.

3. Cleaning Audit

Ask if your cleaning company audits their employees and staff. Our company, Stop Drop & Clean, applies an invisible marker on certain high traffic touch points throughout your building such as light switches. This marker only comes off through using a high powered cleaner. After the crew has been through, an SDC manager may come through with an Ultra-violet light. If the surface has been cleaned properly, there will be no marker anywhere.

This image shows what the ink looks like under UV light. With a cleaning audit, you can rest assured that your business cleaning team is paying attention to details, and not just doing a "dust & dash".

4. Walking Meetings

In ancient Greek schools, teacher and student would walk and talk. This form of communication assures that the participants are all awake and engaged. In addition, it can create a spirit of adventure and collegiality.

In the modern office, people may spend 6 hours a day sitting, leading to many forms of health imbalance. Whenever possible, schedule walking meetings to prevent this stagnating experience.

Harvard Business Review published an article on how to do walking meetings right. Some tips:

1. Keep it a small group of 3 or less.

2. Avoid surprising people with this type of meeting.

3. To negate the healthful benefits of the walk, just pound a white mocha at your destination! : )

5. Trustworthy Leadership

Many people come to work sick because they're afraid of being fired or gossiped about while they're gone. Have you ever worried about what your co-workers would say about you while you were gone being sick?

Simon Sinek claims that many of the workplace woes are self-created by leaders or managers who fail to create a safe environment for their employees to try, fail, and do their best.

If you have have employees coming to work sick, infecting the rest of the office, because they're afraid they may be laid off. You need to watch Simon's video interview with Tom Bilyeou of Impact Theory.

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